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Good news and bad news. The bad news is that I spoke to the printer today and finally got some answers. His supplier sold the maroon hoodies out from under him and the manufacturer (Gildan) has apparently changed their lines and is either no long manufacturing that exact hoodie or that the product is being restructured. I don’t know what that means other than that my printer cannot get the hoodies through his channels. This run is effectively canceled. Worst-case scenario realized. I cannot provide you with the products you paid for. I’m angry and upset and all kinds of frustrated.

The good news is that I will be 100%, totally, completely, unquestionably able to provide refunds for every single hoodie ordered. I will be going through my paypal transactions and refunding as many as I possible can. If you do not receive and automatic refund within 24 hours of this posting, please email me and I will take care of it. I will leave no stone unturned an do everything possible to make sure you come out of this with no harm done.

I am so sorry this happened. I’ve done many runs, some with THOUSANDS of items sold, and I’ve never had to resort to canceling a run completely. This week I will begin looking for a new printer, which sucks. Hopefully I can flood the brony market with comfy hoodies again in the future. But for now, what’s important is getting your refunds squared away.

Please feel free to contact me for ANYTHING you might need.


That’s right! After seven long months I’m finally ready to launch another run of Cutie Mark Crusader hoodies!

The last run was incredibly successful, every single hoodie sold out and my inbox has been flooded by bronies wanting to know if they’d ever get another chance to own a CMC hoodie!


Hoodies are $35 each for all sizes, plus $5 shipping and handling for U.S. and Canda, $15 worldwide!

If you have questions about the quality of the hoodies, shipping specifics, or the time it will take to get your hoodie, please consult the FAQ link at the top of the page, or just leave a comment and I’ll reply ASAP!